I don’t really wrote anymore (I’ve never really done it), but I’m starting to listen more and more speeches from Alan Watts, so I thought I’ll leave a quote from him. He was, as I want call him, one of our kind, who wanted people to understand this whole adventure that we call life. Check … More Hello.

Better three hours too soon than a minute too late

23 days. It’s been 23 days since i’ve made a post. You know why ? Because I can’t manage my time, and spending to much time thinking about a thing just result  of doing nothing. I don’t only talk about a post, but every little things i should have done since the beggining of the new ‘School … More Better three hours too soon than a minute too late

My two tips

During my (short) life, I’ve been through some good things and some bad things. It’s the same for everybody in a way or another. The fact that I was lucky to have a good education from my parents, lucky to find some wonderful friends who are thoughtful people from different social circles. It allows me to create … More My two tips

Post to a friend

Today I learnt that one of my friend, Théo, from my ‘group of close friends’ just left this morning to live in Canada. These 2 weeks have been rough, I had some trouble with fraud and my portuguese aunt who came for some holidays in France has an health issue and has to stay at … More Post to a friend