The vision of others

All my life I forced myself to never let anyone see me in a bad mood. Never sad or angry, only happiness towards people.

My friends never saw me angry one time, neither sad, they say i’m the happiest guy they ever met…

I like to take the life as a joke and stay positive at every time, it makes my day a lot easier. And then people wonder why I’m never angry. Why do I wrote that in the first place, I’ve never talk about that to anyone, not even my family of my best friend and now i’m writing it on internet.

There is one guy, one person I met on Discord who was like me. We discussed a bit by private message. Dani. He told me that he did the same, showing only the joy so others people are not worried about us. If he is really like me,the happinness of others people is more than enough to make us happy.

Thanks internet for letting me find people as great as him. And thank you for taking the time to read my messy posts.



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