My two tips

During my (short) life, I’ve been through some good things and some bad things. It’s the same for everybody in a way or another.

The fact that I was lucky to have a good education from my parents, lucky to find some wonderful friends who are thoughtful people from different social circles. It allows me to create my own advices that I will follow along the path of my life.

This advice that I repeat to myself, that I’ve told to people but just didn’t took it seriously, the one that you already heard and will hear again.

Don’t take life seriously and laugh at all of her misadventures.

You had a bad day ? There will always be someone who got a day worse than yours, at least if you are reading this.

Health is the only thing you should really care about, don’t be negative over someone because he insulted you for nothing, don’t overreact for nothing.                                        Enjoy the little things and live to be happy each day of the present. I personally live day by day, you never know when you can die. It can be your fault by pushing your limit or it can be a random car accident.

Don’t risk your life but be prepared to die.

I think that’s a good way to say it, that show the difference between wise people and unaware people.

It’s all I wanted to say, thanks for reading and stay positive, cya !




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