Better three hours too soon than a minute too late

23 days.

It’s been 23 days since i’ve made a post. You know why ? Because I can’t manage my time, and spending to much time thinking about a thing just result  of doing nothing.

I don’t only talk about a post, but every little things i should have done since the beggining of the new ‘School year’. For example, in my new appartment, I don’t have internet and I didn’t search a lot to have it. Without internet, I don’t play online games anymore(which is great !)however, I can’t talk to the people I was talking before on Discord. I can’t have that interaction with strangers I barely know but like them anyway. From discord, I mostly miss the musicians, coming to train : Violon, Piano, Ukulele etc..

I miss also some of my friends that I couldn’t see IRL because they were too far away or I don’t have time to see them.

Let’s talk about what happened during these 23 days.

A new year began on a new university, I didn’t know anybody. Surprisingly, in one week, i’ve talked to half of my class. I guess I have a good sense of communication and people don’t mind when I talk to them which is good.

As much a I remember, I didn’t do a lot during these 23 days. Just planning things for the future and living the present as it is show.

Thanks for reading, I’ll try to post more (can’t say when tho) Cya !



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